My eyes are Unapproachable

If you look too long, you might see your reflection

Staring may bring tides from behind your lids

I look on as they roll down your cheeks

I didn’t mean to make you cry

My eyes are dangerous

It’s no surprise, angels aline on the perimeter of my irises,

the devil in disguise

Tread lightly

If you’re looking for me, you might see the sky,

the clouds collide within the wind,

mystery in the air

The sun may blind you, rays of temperament and folly

Better to peek than to never see

Into my eyes, evanescent oceans sit on the edge

Waiting to fall into you, if you could only see

I won’t let you look into me

My eyes are for my eyes only

If you look into me,

I might see you seeing me.

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