Fisherman At Sea

Out in the great murky turquoise, under the blanket of the stars

I look God in the iris,

and he whispers in the sound of the wind

Oh, great big sea, how I lovest thee.

But, as the horizon dims,

I must pay attention to your reflection,

The endless pitch black, bespeckled like glitter

Neatly arranged, far beyond this vessel.

My eyes can only see a sliver of the magnitude of your beauty,

as the waves rock me so as to remind me where my body is truly placed.

On earth,

In water,

Searching for Euphrates,

Drowning in delusion.

I want to be as deep as the blue, but I still find myself pondering over you.

Long nights, oh, the ocean sea holds me real tight

But I will lavish in my curiosities for the heavens.

Having an affair with the ocean and the moon, my only lovers who’ve forgiven my sins.

They truly are my only friends.

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